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I have been hooked on searching my family's history since 1972. Forced into semi-retirement, I finally have one of the key ingredients to continue researching....Time. On these pages I will be sharing some of my victories and venting about some of the brick walls we all keep bashing our heads against.

Remembering Jacob Sellers

Confederate Mound Memorial, Chicago This year marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War.  Like so many Americans, I have my Civil War ancestors.  I will be writing about each one of them as research reveals their … Continue reading

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He Wasn’t an Only Child After All

How many of us in looking at our family trees, go back a couple of generations and have the notation “only known child of…”?   I took one of my Only Children and eventually found that he was the youngest child in … Continue reading

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Please Take Care of This Book

Pleas take care of this book “Facts as near as I know.  Don’t hurt anyone to have records, as may come in handy to know in future.  I’m writting five of these books from my copy.  I wrote it from … Continue reading

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